A simple blog site about nothing in particular.

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This is a simple website and also includes a blog. It demonstrates development of various features that are being utilized in the PHP environment. The front-end of this profile uses the Uikit 3 library and includes a library of time-saving functions for working with Uikit 3. Below are a few highlights you'll find in this site profile:

  • Use of markup regions and the new ProcessWire functions API.
  • Use of Uikit 3 in template files and includes a handy PHP library of Uikit-specific functions.
  • Demonstrates front-end editing features on this page.
  • Uses pagination (after 10+ blog posts) and demonstrates use of comments as well.
  • Demonstrates use of a Page reference field, as used by categories in the blog.
  • The template files are easy-to-read and modify, and serve as a good platform to build from.
  • Demonstrates implementation of a custom hook function (see in the /site/ready.php file).

In the blog

Squatch Mart

Plants Beer Recipes 2

Squatch Mart is a Northwest Trendy Apparel Emporium. We carry a large selection of Bigfoot inspired novelty items. We carry shirts, hats and unique handcrafted products aimed at the Northwest lifestyle. We also carry a small selection of Micro brews & wines, tobacco, men's grooming products such as Fisticuffs Grave before Shave. Locally sourced handmade soaps & lotions. We have a small selection of sporting/specialty camping items. Read more

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